August 29, 2008

For the love of fashion and politics

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I don’t often buy Vanity Fair  but when I do, I find myself wondering why it doesn’t appear on my coffee table on a regular basis. I love fashion and politics, and when a magazine manages to cover both in a somewhat coherent and interesting manner I can’t help but fork over my $5.

Imagine my delight when John F. Kennedy Jr came out with George back in 1995. As a political science undergrad with a serious Vogue addiction, I instantly rushed out to purchase my copy. The cover featured Cindy Crawford dressed as George Washington. The magazine focused on news, politics, lifestyle, fashion and celebrity, and “Not politics as usual” was its tag line. If you looked closely, a tiny picture of George Washington as he appears on the US quarter could be found on every cover (a salute to Playboy perhaps?) The magazine started strong, mostly due to its rather dishy founder I’m sure, but unfortunately with Kennedy’s death and a lack of advertising sales, the magazine ended its run in 2001. 

Vanity Fair is still going strong and this month’s issue features an interview with ex-supermodel, singer and current First Lady of France–Carla Bruni. It’s an interesting article, mostly because Bruni and Sarkozy are portrayed as narcissistic barracudas who seem perfectly suited. But just how long will this love affair last?  If it lasts longer than George I’ll eat my shoes.


An afternoon at the art gallery

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I recently saw the Warhol exhibit at The Art Gallery of Greater Victoria. It was good to see an exhibit like this in Victoria. While I’ve been to the gallery many times (the last few times for weddings), it’s been a while since they’ve had an exhibit that I really wanted to see. The exhibit had a little bit of everything, from casual sketches to the iconic images of Marilyn Monroe and the Queen. The exhibit had a strong Canadian flavour, including pieces that were shown at Expo 67 in Montreal. Curator Mary Jo Hughes wanted to show the Canadian influence in Warhol’s work. It was the Wayne Gretzky portrait that truly caught my attention. No, I’m not a hockey fan but I’ve lived in Canada long enough to understand his iconic status. I think Warhol was quite taken with the young man; Gretzky however looked shy and a tad apprehensive.


“As an artist, what I see in Wayne is great joy and energy,” said Warhol at the time. “I think it’s great when a sports star can look like a movie star.” I’m guessing Andy wasn’t a hockey fan either.

August 27, 2008

And so it begins…

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Welcome to Skybluepink! As the name suggests, my blog will reflect anything/everything/something/to me and maybe you.

Skybluepink is an English term (I’m English by the way…no judgements please!) and as my dear Mum told me, it’s a term used to describe something as “whatever you want it to be”. To quote my Mum correctly, the actual term is sky blue pink with a finny addy border.  Basically, it’s not one thing or another…it’s whatever you, or I, want it to be/see it to be/feel it to be…and that’s precisely why I chose this phrase for the name of my blog.

So what might you stumble across here? Musical musings, social study, political perspectives, fashionable favs, rants and raves, pithy pop culture contemplations and general analysis of the world, those in it and those who pass through it.

Where to start? Or should that be “wear to end?” For Hillary, it was in an orange pantsuit last night at the Democratic National Convention. (Yes, a British Canadian following American politics…stick with me).

Why orange? Notice I don’t say “why pantsuit” as that would be for another discussion, which I know has already happened far too many times. Well, it was a colour that was chosen wisely and after much deliberation. Before she even got on stage, 4 suits were brought on stage by 2 male pantsuit handlers (Yes kids, one day you too can be a pantsuit handler). One violet, one blue, one raspberry and one orange.

I make no apologies if this all sounds shallow. I write speeches and news releases for politicians for a living, this is supposed to be light and amusing!

Anyway, while not a fan of orange or pantsuits myself, I believe she made the perfect choice. The colour flattered her skin tone, she looked strong (in many ways) against the blue background, she didn’t clash with Michelle Obama’s dress designed by Maria Pinto (which was gorgeous) and, most importantly, it wasn’t red or blue–she looked like an individual and dynamic. And she’ll be back.