October 10, 2009


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If you’ve been to France lately, especially Paris, this news is not all that shocking. Sad perhaps, but not shocking. It appears a McDonalds is opening in the “mini-mall” underneath the Louvre…not in the Louvre as many have reported. The “mall”  or Carrousel du Louvre  is home to a Starbucks, Virgin Megastore and a Sephora, to mention a few.

McDonalds became a second home of sorts for my boyfriend, who lived in Paris for two months earlier this year–it was one of the only places he could find a reliable wifi connection in the entire city! I’ve been lucky enough to visit Paris on several occasions, most recently in April of this year when I joined my afore mentioned paramour for an amazing adventure. I was surprised to learn just how imbedded McDonalds has become in Parisian life. They are everywhere and always packed–the French love their “McDo”!

It is truly magical when you journey under the pyramid to enter the Louvre, especially in the evening. It certainly can’t be enhanced with a drive-thru window or super-sizing the Mona Lisa.

An evening at the Louvre, April 2009

An evening at the Louvre, April 2009



  1. cindystephenson said,

    Love to hear more about your trip to Paris.


  2. waitinginthedark said,

    I’m not sure I really appreciate McDo being everywhere and further expanding. Three times a year can be ok, but we all know that’s absolutely junk food. But it’s cheap. So it’s successful. We’ve lots in Italy too. And I have always wondered why people living in countries that have a sound and healthy culinary tradition should go to McDo?

  3. They’ve got a real scam going with the free wifi, which seems absent in the rest of the city. Not sure what that’s all about, but it puts a minor dent in Paris’ cosmopolitan image.

  4. Shefaly said,

    I am surprised that it took the opening of a McDonald’s in the Louvre to get so much attention. France has been the company’s most profitable location, outside the USA, for years. Now _that_ dents Paris’s/ France’s image as a destination culinaire properly, no? 😉

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