March 11, 2009

Paris in the spring time…

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New adventures are on the horizon and, as of April 6, I’ll be in Paris for almost one month…yes…I’m excited! I’ve been to Paris before, it’s an amazing city, but each trip was short–a few days to madly dash around and see as much of the city as possible. After three separate trips I still have so much to see and experience in Paris. My boyfriend has rented an apartment in the heart of the city and we’re looking forward to immersing ourselves in the culture…the real Paris.

So this is where you come in. I’m asking for audience participation here…if you’ve been to Paris and have a favourite restaurant, park, gallery, store, museum, market—tell me about it. I’m not talking the Louvre or the Eiffel Tower (don’t get me wrong, I can’t wait to visit the Louvre again), I’m looking for the places that the locals love. Places that you’ve been to, fell in love with, that aren’t in the tourist guides.

Photos from previous trips…


The MetroLouvre-2003



December 29, 2008

Hot-pink and bitchy

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You may have heard that more than 1,000 new species were found in the Greater Mekong area between 1997 and 2007.  Amazing discoveries, from spiders the size of dinner plates to woolly bats, but perhaps the most intriguing of all these creatures is the Pink Dragon Millipede (Desmoxytes purpurosea)

Pink Dragon Millipede

The millipede may look “pretty” but this is not a candy-coated cuddley critter…it’s spiny and toxic and shoots cyanide if “bugged”. Far from a fashion statement, the millipede’s colour is designed to warn potential predators of its toxicity.

For some reason this image pops into my head…


December 6, 2008

What does $180,000 get you? Ask Sarah Palin

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According to CNN, the GOP have now disclosed that Sarah Palin actually spent $180,000 on clothes and “styling” for herself and the family Palin, over just 9 weeks! Wow, really? $180,000 in just 9 weeks? Evidently the GOP are going to donate them to charity. I hope they didn’t pay for this little number–it looks like something she ran over with a snowmobile…

Cariboo Barbie

Cariboo Barbie

November 6, 2008

The First Family (elect) of Fashion

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Tuesday was truly historic and the excitement can still be felt. Americans celebrated Obama’s victory late into the night, on streets across the country. Elated voters even crowded in front of the White House, an area which has seen a “ban” on gatherings and protests since 9-11. The ecstatic rabble cheered, sang, cried and generally let the current “resident” know that it was time to start packing!

I don’t think we need to worry too much about the Bush clan’s wardrobe as they bring out the luggage…nothing too memorable to wrinkle or rip as the front door slams behind them on the way out.

Now, the Obama’s, they are one fashionable family. I know, I know, there have been mixed reviews about the dress Michelle wore on Tuesday night but I think she looked fantastic. Not only did she wear something modern, bold and cutting edge, but she made it her own. Yes, the dress from Narciso Rodriguez (of Carolyn Bissette Kennedy wedding dress fame) is different from the runway version but that’s the whole point. Michelle Obama is not a 17 yr old Russian model (Irina Kulikova), she’s a 44 yr old woman with curves and she looked elegant and sophisticated.

 Narciso Rodriguez S/S 09Michelle Obama, Nov. 4, 2008










The new First Family looked fantastic, Malia in a Biscotti Girls red bubble dress, Sasha in a cute black outfit with an over-sized bow on the front and Mr. President Elect in the same style dark-navy suit, custom-made by Hart Schaffner Marx that he wore at the Democratic Convention, with a deep red, striped necktie.

Yes, there is a long list of expectations hanging on the shoulders of this family…but I’m looking forward to seeing what else will be hanging on their shoulders over the next 4-8 years.

November 2, 2008

I’m back…and so is James Bond

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It’s been far too long since I’ve written a post…work, life, love…

Anyway, back to it but why now? There have been so many interesting subjects to write about over the last few months but the reason I’m back today is Bond, James Bond. After an exciting morning doing dishes, vacuuming, washing the floors and dusting, I made a cuppa and turned on the telly. I’ve always loved to watch films on a rainy Sunday afternoon so I was delighted to see that one of the movie channels was playing a Bond film, From Russia with Love…one of my favourites. I think I’m a fan of this particular Bond film for sentimental reasons, it reminds me of my maternal grandfather and today would have been his birthday. My grandfather was a big James Bond fan, he resembled Sean Connery, frequently travelled to Russia on business and drank vodka!

Fashion has always played a key role in the Bond series. From Ursula Andress’s bikini in Dr. No,

and Odd-Jobs lethal bowler hat, to Roger Moore’s god-awful safari suits and Blofeld’s high-collared, big button outfits.



On Nov. 14, a new Bond film opens in North America. Quantum of Solace will be the 22nd installment in the Bond series and it’s already a fashionable departure from the preceding films. Not only is Daniel Craig the best Bond since Connery, he’ll be looking snazzier than ever in suits from the dapper-one himself, Tom Ford. Since 1995, Bond was dressed by the Italian label Brioni but now Bond will wear tuxedos and suits from Ford. I approve!

The Bond gals will also be decked out in some gorgeous outfits by Prada, which perhaps will reflect the tone of the movie…a switch from the glamorous and sexy Roberto Cavalli creations that Eva Green wore in Casino Royale.

September 3, 2008

What does one wear to shoot a gun?

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I ask this honestly as I’ve never shot a gun and don’t ever plan to–I’m just curious. Maybe Sarah Palin has the answer…or not.

From the look of this outfit I’m not sure I’d take the advice of this gun-toting VP candidate. A baby blue duster? Really? Exactly what kind of image is this woman trying to project? I’m not sure which is more terrifying, the look on her face or the nasty outfit. I guess it all makes sense if she’s getting fashion ideas from this gem of a magazine…


Yes, it’s the July/August 2008 edition and yes, it includes a piece on “Bringing Guns to School”.

“Dollars and guns are no substitutes for brains and will power”  Dwight David Eisenhower

August 29, 2008

For the love of fashion and politics

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I don’t often buy Vanity Fair  but when I do, I find myself wondering why it doesn’t appear on my coffee table on a regular basis. I love fashion and politics, and when a magazine manages to cover both in a somewhat coherent and interesting manner I can’t help but fork over my $5.

Imagine my delight when John F. Kennedy Jr came out with George back in 1995. As a political science undergrad with a serious Vogue addiction, I instantly rushed out to purchase my copy. The cover featured Cindy Crawford dressed as George Washington. The magazine focused on news, politics, lifestyle, fashion and celebrity, and “Not politics as usual” was its tag line. If you looked closely, a tiny picture of George Washington as he appears on the US quarter could be found on every cover (a salute to Playboy perhaps?) The magazine started strong, mostly due to its rather dishy founder I’m sure, but unfortunately with Kennedy’s death and a lack of advertising sales, the magazine ended its run in 2001. 

Vanity Fair is still going strong and this month’s issue features an interview with ex-supermodel, singer and current First Lady of France–Carla Bruni. It’s an interesting article, mostly because Bruni and Sarkozy are portrayed as narcissistic barracudas who seem perfectly suited. But just how long will this love affair last?  If it lasts longer than George I’ll eat my shoes.

August 27, 2008

And so it begins…

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Welcome to Skybluepink! As the name suggests, my blog will reflect anything/everything/something/to me and maybe you.

Skybluepink is an English term (I’m English by the way…no judgements please!) and as my dear Mum told me, it’s a term used to describe something as “whatever you want it to be”. To quote my Mum correctly, the actual term is sky blue pink with a finny addy border.  Basically, it’s not one thing or another…it’s whatever you, or I, want it to be/see it to be/feel it to be…and that’s precisely why I chose this phrase for the name of my blog.

So what might you stumble across here? Musical musings, social study, political perspectives, fashionable favs, rants and raves, pithy pop culture contemplations and general analysis of the world, those in it and those who pass through it.

Where to start? Or should that be “wear to end?” For Hillary, it was in an orange pantsuit last night at the Democratic National Convention. (Yes, a British Canadian following American politics…stick with me).

Why orange? Notice I don’t say “why pantsuit” as that would be for another discussion, which I know has already happened far too many times. Well, it was a colour that was chosen wisely and after much deliberation. Before she even got on stage, 4 suits were brought on stage by 2 male pantsuit handlers (Yes kids, one day you too can be a pantsuit handler). One violet, one blue, one raspberry and one orange.

I make no apologies if this all sounds shallow. I write speeches and news releases for politicians for a living, this is supposed to be light and amusing!

Anyway, while not a fan of orange or pantsuits myself, I believe she made the perfect choice. The colour flattered her skin tone, she looked strong (in many ways) against the blue background, she didn’t clash with Michelle Obama’s dress designed by Maria Pinto (which was gorgeous) and, most importantly, it wasn’t red or blue–she looked like an individual and dynamic. And she’ll be back.