November 2, 2008

Laundry, I love doing laundry!

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Ok, maybe this is slightly unusual and guessing from some of the other blogs I read today on the subject, I’m most certainly in the minority, but I truly love doing laundry! I love the smell of the detergent and softener, the feel of warm towels, socks and the bedding…ohhhh, freshly laundered bedding!

The smell of lemon fresh Sunlight, the warm and cuddly smell of Snuggle…oh how I love laundry! (BTW, I used to live very close to the village of Port Sunlight. It was built by the Lever Brothers (Unilever) for their factory workers and became the inspiration for the soap’s name. I remember visiting the village with my grandparents–coincidence? I think not)

The thing is, like many people, scent is powerful for me. Many memories, both positive and negative, are connected to particular scents.

Joico Ice Mist hairspray brings back a “not-so-fond” high-school memory and an image of skyscraper bangs that were as hard as concrete (…and oh so unattractive but it was the 1980’s after all!)

On the flip side, Fairy Liquid–a brand of dish soap from England–reminds me of my Nanny (maternal grandmother). My Nanny and I had a ritual. We would wash the pots and pans with Fairy Liquid, both of us wearing decorative pinnies (English slang for pinafore (apron)) from Marks and Spencer, and watch the BBC news in the kitchen. I clearly remember the cute white bottles with the baby design and of course…the smell.  

Fairy Liquid

Fairy Liquid

Sometimes the scent that can’t be described is the most vivid, the most luring…the scent of attraction…a biological response, of familiarity, sexuality…the scent of your mate. It draws you in, makes you feel safe and sexual at the same time. It’s not the smell of soap, deodorant or cologne…it’s the pure genetic scent of human chemistry.

Now, dress said mate in a freshly washed t-shirt….Ohhhh, I love laundry!